Whatever and Wherever

It seems rather silly to start a blog in 2023. The best time to start a blog probably would have been the halcyon days (in internet terms) of 2006, but then I suppose that would have been the best time to do anything on the internet. Does anybody read blogs anymore? I'm sure somebody does. But the greater world of personal-ish internet writing seems to have moved towards social media, newsletters (because we've all recently decided we want more email?), or some sort of aggregation platform like Medium. So I'm not sure starting a blog is the most advisable thing to do.

Whatever. I've always wanted a website, a place on the web with my own domain that I control. This website is just a place to do something I've always enjoyed but don't really do that much: write. It's also an excuse to work on my coding skills and try out different things. If you want you can spend some time reading it. It's called Larry Whatever and I mean it. I might write about my thoughts on some movie or book I read. I might write about cycling, or hiking, or photography or any other hobby I don't excel at. Perhaps I write about "my coding journey" and how much I cringe at calling things a "journey". Maybe I just toss off a random musing, or nostalgic missive, or just a general random thought.

This is a spot to help frame and refine my thinking and put something out into the world. If nobody ever reads it, that's fine, though I do hope somebody will. It's not made to make a buck or garner prestige. I reserve the right to change my mind about anything I say here. I just want a space to call my own, to do what I want with. It will be frustratingly free of a niche and I plan on rambling on sometimes. Sometimes I might just post some pictures, or a pithy thought without any context. I think you get the picture.

Welcome to whatever.